Best Bitcoin Poker Sites – Crypto Poker Sites 2022

You can find both a legal and fair service and a scam when searching for crypto poker sites. Don’t be alarmed – we have taken care of everything and are ready to provide you with an informative guide to the best Bitcoin poker. Crypto poker has many advantages compared to regular online poker with Bitcoin – low commissions for a deposit, and unique bonuses. You can read more about the benefits in the article on Bitcoin casino sites.

Crypto and Bitcoin Poker Sites

Top Crypto and Bitcoin Poker Sites

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Crypto & Bitcoin Poker Sites Due Diligence

One of our team’s main goals is to provide you with a list of the best Bitcoin poker sites, and that’s where we’ll start. We will tell you how we check sites and what factors we take into account.

#1. Registration

First of all, we register on the online poker Bitcoin site, checking the list of data that the platform requires and the ease of the process. In our experience, registration should be quick and hassle-free to play online poker.

#2. Deposit

As soon as the verification is completed, we deposit cryptocurrency. We evaluate how wide a choice of cryptocurrencies the platform offers, the speed of transaction processing, and the size of commissions. The deposit process in cryptocurrency, in practice, should not be problematic or slow.

#3. Bonuses

As we said, Bitcoin casino poker sites offer unique bonuses for their poker players. At this stage, we check how the promises correspond to reality, evaluating: 

  • the availability of prizes (welcome, deposit, referral, and so on), 
  • in what form the bonuses are paid, 
  • what conditions the platform puts forward for their withdrawal.

#4. Design & Navigation

Although these points are not fundamental, they have a lot to say. If an online poker Bitcoin site aims to attract audiences and their comfortable playing experience, then site navigation will be perfectly thought out. We evaluate how conveniently the deposit/withdrawal buttons are located, whether all items are present in the menu, and so on.

#5. Playing poker online

Our team plays all the available casino games on the online poker Bitcoin site. This process helps us assess the availability of poker games, their download speed, and how fair the platform is in paying out winnings after we play poker online.

#6. Withdrawal

Withdrawing money is an essential part of poker software verification. Sometimes everything goes perfectly until the moment of withdrawal – the platform simply freezes the account or makes up problems for which money cannot be withdrawn. 

Therefore, we select the currency for withdrawal, evaluate the speed and commissions, and ensure that the money was withdrawn and came to our account.

#7. Customer support 

The support service of Bitcoin online poker sites should not only exist but also be active. Specialists should respond within 24 hours, describing a solution to a player’s problem or giving a direct answer to a question. If support cannot solve the problem, then it should redirect the player to someone who will solve the problem.

#8. Overall score

After a detailed review of the site, we give it points – from 0 to 10. Sites that play foul play get 0 – we cannot recommend them to you. Legitimate poker sites with a large selection of games receive high scores and are recommended to play.

Crypto & Online Bitcoin Poker Bonuses

Most poker players choose a site for playing poker precisely because of the bonuses. Before registering, check what bonuses the site offers. Now we will talk with you about the most popular bonuses on poker sites.

Sign Up & Deposit Bonuses

Many poker sites offer registration bonuses and first deposit bonuses. Registration bonuses are often paid out in a fixed amount or as free rolls. Deposit bonuses can be expressed as a percentage of the first deposit but limited to a certain amount.

Reload Bonuses

These offers are non-recurring – you will not receive bonuses for every re-deposit. However, you can receive % of repeated deposits with some promotions or individual offers.

Referral Bonuses

You recommend your poker software to your friends; they register, make their first deposit. For each such new player who fulfills all the conditions, you get a specific bonus, the amount of which depends on the poker room.

TOP Hand Bonuses

These bonuses can only be found on online poker Bitcoin sites and are awarded to the player who has collected a Royal Flush or simply with the “best hand of the day.”

Crypto & Bitcoin Poker Games

One of the stages of checking Bitcoin online poker sites is to assess the variety of games. Beginners often choose the most accessible type of poker game to develop their skills. But for the pro level, it’s boring to play one game, isn’t it? Players want to try different types of poker, including games at Bitcoin live casinos. Let’s take a look at what games the poker sites are offering.

Bitcoin Texas Hold’Em Poker

This type of game is pretty simple, but it is still essential to follow the rules. Players receive two cards. Then, each player can choose three out of five communal cards to form the best composition possible. This is done in three stages, and at each stage, players are allowed to place bets.

Omaha Hold’Em Poker

We would not call it a different type of game – it is a Texas HoldEm poker Bitcoin subspecies. The difference lies in the fact that the players receive not two but four cards at the very beginning. Further, they can choose one or two cards from these four or select none and collect the composition only from communal cards.

Seven-Card Stud

Texas HoldEm poker Bitcoin and Omaha Hold’Em are quite classic, and sometimes players want to try something different. If this fact characterizes you, you can play Seven-Card Stud. The game begins with each player being given three cards – two of them are closed, one is open. The player has the first two and the last cards closed from others, and the rest four – opened. 

2-7 Triple Draw

If the first three types of games can be called classic poker, then 2-7 Triple Draw is a novelty of its kind. Each player receives five open cards, which can be changed only three times. The game’s goal is to collect the most losing combination – 2,3,4,5,7. Six is excluded from this combination since 2,3,4,5,6 forms a straight, which means a loss in this type of game.

Poker is a very attractive card game. But what if you want to explore the bigger selection of offers? Well, you are lucky, because the best crypto online casinos have a lot of gambling gems to offer. If you like playing card games, you can read about Bitcoin blackjack sites. Also, there is plenty of fish in the sea for newcomers – you can start by playing Bitcoin dice or Bitcoin slots. And for fans of fast games and high adrenaline, we can recommend trying Bitcoin roulette.

Types of Crypto & Bitcoin Poker Rules

Besides the wide variety of poker games, there are also varied ways to conduct similar games – Cash Tables, Sit and Go Tables, and Online Poker Tournaments. Let’s check them one by one.

Cash Tables 

You can play against one player at cash tables, but maximum against eight. You don’t have a limited time to play – you can put together one song and go out, or you can play all day. Another feature follows this: the amount of money you can lose is not limited.

Sit & Go Tables 

The process of playing online poker Bitcoin at sit and go tables in large numbers is identical to cash tables. However, at the beginning of the game, you place a bet, which is the only money you can lose. A bet is placed before each game, which protects you, limiting the possibility of losses.


An unlimited number of players can participate in tournaments, and this significantly distinguishes this process from others. That is, a tournament can have a maximum of 9 tables, at which an unlimited number of players can be. 

Since the number of players is high, the payouts are also prominent. At cash and sit & go tables, the payouts are divided into 3 participants; in tournaments, the prizes are distributed among tens or even hundreds of players – it depends on their number.

Crypto & Bitcoin Poker Regulations

We always advise players to work only with licensed Bitcoin online poker sites. In the article on Bitcoin betting sites, we talked about licenses and their impact. 

Here, let’s say briefly: if you want to be protected from unlicensed online casino actions, choose services licensed from Curacao or Montenegro. Also, check if the license supports players from your country.

Mobile Crypto & Bitcoin Poker Apps

People now lead a very active and busy lifestyle, so many players appreciate playing poker on a mobile phone. Having an online poker Bitcoin application at your casino gives you the following benefits:

  • you can play when and where you wish;
  • you enjoy plenty of cool features like notifications;
  • you do not need to carry your laptop with you on vacation or weekends, etc. 

Poker Android App

If you have an Android and want to download your Bitcoin casino app and enjoy the benefits, follow the following steps:

  1. open your Google Play and enter the online poker site name; 
  2. download the app and set it up;
  3. enter your login details;
  4. start playing. 

Poker iOS App

If you have an iPhone, you will be able to download the casino app using your App Store by following these steps:

  1. open your App Store and enter the name of a poker website; 
  2. download and set the app up;
  3. sign in to the app and start playing poker. 

The Best Bitcoin Poker Sites – Deposits and Withdrawals 

Transferring money is a crucial point while playing any online game. When you know the platform is trusted and legit, it is time to try it, and you start with deposits. To deposit crypto to your poker site, follow the procedure:

  1. Open your best Bitcoin wallet for poker.
  2. Choose the crypto you want to deposit with. 
  3. Copy its address from the site and insert it into the Bitcoin wallet. 
  4. State the deposit amount, check all the details and send money. 

As soon as you played enough games to withdraw money, use the following guide:

  1. Open your best Bitcoin wallet for poker. 
  2. Choose the crypto you want to withdraw with. 
  3. Copy its address from the Bitcoin wallet and insert it to the poker site. 
  4. State the amount of withdrawal, check the data and send money. 

Crypto & Bitcoin Poker Sites – FAQ

🃏 ₿ ➤ What is Bitcoin poker?

Bitcoin poker is a card game to gather the most beneficial poker combination using four or five cards. Bitcoin casino poker sites accept crypto as a deposit and withdrawal method. 

🃏 ₿ ➤ Is Bitcoin poker legal?

Bitcoin poker websites are fair and legal under a couple of conditions. First, check if online gambling is legal in your country. Second, check if the platform you chose is licensed for your safety. 

🃏 ₿ ➤ Are Bitcoin poker platforms licensed?

Most trusted Bitcoin poker platforms are licensed by Curacao or Montenegro. A license protects you from illegal or unlicensed activities of a Bitcoin casino poker site. 

🃏 ₿ ➤ What are Bitcoin poker bonuses?

Bitcoin poker bonuses are rewards players receive for the fulfillment of certain conditions. You can receive sign-up, deposit, reload, referral bonuses, etc.