Blockchain introduces new innovations every day, even in areas where it would seem to have no chance of being implemented at all. These innovations are especially useful for businesses where money is involved. That is, for absolutely every business. 

Crypto Casinos 360 is a successful platform that has been attracting a huge number of players for a long time who are interested not just in crypto gambling, but in honest, proven and profitable crypto gambling. 

Why Jury.Online?

Despite the outright honesty and detailed checks, there is a possibility of any misunderstandings on the part of players or the casinos themselves. And it’s logical – what casino would like a negative rating? Even if in reality it is – and a lot of real factors prove it. 

As they say – forewarned is forearmed. It is with this goal in mind that our team decided to strengthen our legal team and attract even more cool professionals. We are happy to announce that we have acquired Jury.Online, and we are now stronger and even more confident in our results. Let’s tell you a little bit more about Jury.Online.

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What Is Jury.Online?

Jury.Online is a unique platform that was built on smart contracts. Initially, this platform was created for safe interaction between investors and projects. With a huge selection of experienced arbiters, the parties could not worry about legal issues. As soon as all the checks from the arbiters were over and the idea proved to be real, the parties could proceed with their activities. If any problems arose in the course of the process on the part of, for example, the project – the failure to comply with the agreements within the specified time, the agreed part of the money was returned to the investors. And all this is limited by means of smart contracts, in which each part of the implementation is evaluated and described. interface

Benefits of Jury.Online for Crypto Casinos 360 & Our Readers

As you can see, this platform has a huge benefit, and its team is very valuable to us. workflow

A huge plus is that the team of this platform consists not just of experienced arbiters, but of arbiters who have experience with blockchain projects. Therefore, they are great at handling any legal issues related to cryptocurrency casinos. 

We, for our part, will continue to provide you with honest reviews, regular updates and a huge amount of cool offers. Let’s remember what the verification process of every cryptocurrency casino consists of.

Due Diligence Process by Crypto Casinos 360

Before we start a detailed audit, our team gets acquainted with the reputation, experience, and founders of the project. Along with this, our legal team analyzes the license and its validity. If no red flags are found, the brand is promoted in a chain of steps. 

✅ Review the Registration and Deposit Process

Blockchain makes life easier. We clarify whether a player can start playing without opening an account. If not, then we must be sure that the registration goes without problems. Next, we evaluate the choice of crypto coins for deposit, fees, and speed of transaction processing. 

P.S. We do the same to check the Withdrawal by using the wallets for each coin available at a selected crypto casino. 

✅ Bonuses and Games

Bonuses and games are the main things that attract players. We evaluate the quality and quantity of games offered, as well as bonuses. Absolutely all bonuses. It is important not to forget about the wager – it must be real, as a large wager will make the bonus and further game meaningless from the point of view of financial gain.

✅ Customer Support

If any problem arises, players always turn to support. Our task is to assess the speed and quality of the answer. No one wants to wait two days for the answer, only to end up with a stream of unnecessary information. 

As you can see, our casino screening process is as detailed as possible and is only aimed at further safety and quality for players. We are sure that the Jury.Online team will be a great solution for us and for you. Good luck!

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