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Author: Winston Todd
Updated: March 22, 2023
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We at believe that gaming at online casinos should be balanced and without experiencing problems. The same is true for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos. You always risk it when playing money games no matter where in the Forex or igaming titles. So let us inform you about risks and responsible game policies.

Signs of problem gambling

The main factor of gaming addiction is your triggers; i.e., your brain has a generally designated reward system. Gambling has ideal triggers for that system. When you make something and like it, your mind wants more and makes you repeat it.

We can divide all factors into 3 categories:

  1. Psychological. People hope to get huge winnings. Also, they believe that they are the luckiest, and «the win is around the corner». Sadly, that’s not the case for gambling games where all wins are random.
  2. Biological. Dopamine is the main factor here, and it acts like a drug for our nerve system.
  3. Personal/Cultural. If you are highly competitive, impulsive, and quickly bored, you may be in the risk group. Also, a lot of national cultures may promote bad behaviour.

How to recognise signs if you have problems with gambling? Here are some hints:

  1. You are chasing losses. You want to win no matter how much money you spend. I.e., you place higher bets hoping to get huge winnings.
  2. You are taking loans for gambling. When your balance is zeroed, you don’t stop. Problem gamblers take loans because they’re sure that they will win even more.
  3. You’ve tried to stop but have no success. The urge to game is compulsive.
  4. You are lying and hiding gaming activity. The family and friends may ask questions if you gamble too much. The problem is the addicted people conceal their actions, and the situation worsens.

How to prevent addiction

Here are ways to prevent harmful addiction.

  1. Self-excluding. There’s a lot of services like GamStop, GamBan, etc.
  2. Time outs. You may not ban yourself but take a break. The break could be set for a day, a week, a month or several months.
  3. Set limits for deposits and losses. It helps to prevent chasing losses.
  4. Unsubscribe from casino newsletters. It may be too triggering, so it’s better to stop reading such materials.
  5. Contact casino support or non-commercial organisations to get advice or help on your questions.

Gambling treatment organisations

Let us pinpoint some best organisations for problem gamblers:

  1. BeGambleAware is an organisation commissioning research and evaluation, helping gamblers recover.
  2. GamCare is an independent charity that offers various services for both players and people harmed by them.
  3. Gamblers Anonymous is an international community of people fighting addiction.

What we do for the responsible game

We offer reviews on casinos providing limits for deposits, stakes and gaming time. You can use daily, weekly, monthly limits. They also offer tests determining if you have problems with gambling. If yes, you can select a «cool-down» or self-exclusion option if you need a break for your mental health. All games are allowed for 18+ old visitors. If you are a minor, then you have no right to sign up at any casino. The same is true for cryptocurrency casinos. So, use responsible playing principles and keep your game light-hearted!

Winston Todd
Winston Todd

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