Best Bitcoin Blackjack & Crypto Blackjack Sites in 2022

Blackjack is a reasonably simple casino game if you know the rules clearly and use a particular strategy. In addition, you should always only play Bitcoin blackjack at licensed and verified online casinos. 

Bitcoin Blackjack Casinos

Today, we will look at the main aspects that you need to consider when choosing Bitcoin blackjack casinos and what frequent bonuses you can expect from services for playing crypto blackjack and other live casino games like Bitcoin slots. In addition, we will look at the main types and strategies of the game.

Let’s start!

The Best Bitcoin & Crypto Blackjack Sites

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Crypto & Bitcoin Blackjack Sites Due Diligence

The first thing a player starts with is finding a good crypto blackjack casino. And this is the first step for the players and us as a verification platform. Let’s look at what rules our expert team uses to validate casino table games.

Step 1: Registration.

One of the verifiers registers on the platform to evaluate the registration process and check what data the platform is requesting. At this stage, it is essential to check the simplicity of the process and how long it takes.

Step 2: Bitcoin Deposit.

Next, we deposit Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. At this stage, we check the following factors: 

  • the choice of crypto coins for the deposit; 
  • fees and their size; 
  • the speed of Bitcoin transactions; 
  • the absence (or presence) of problems during the transfer.

Step 3: Bonuses.

Absolutely every Bitcoin blackjack site offers its players bonuses – they are of several types, and we will talk about them a little later. At this stage, we check what bonuses the online casino offers, in what amounts and methods they are paid, and whether they are paid at all.

Step 4: Interface.

The more convenient it is to use the platform, the more trustworthy it usually is. Therefore, we are assessing how easy it is to use the dashboard at this stage. All navigational, withdrawal, and deposit buttons, and information about bonuses must be in a visible and accessible place to play provably fair games.

Step 5: Play Bitcoin blackjack. 

At this stage, we evaluate the variety of types of Bitcoin casino blackjack, how well the games are displayed and loaded. In general, we go through all possible Bitcoin blackjack games and evaluate the overall process.

Step 6: Withdrawal.

When we have checked all Bitcoin blackjack games and made sure that we have met all the conditions for withdrawing bonuses, we evaluate the process of withdrawing funds using cryptocurrency. The following factors are checked: 

  • the choice of cryptocurrencies for withdrawal, 
  • commission and withdrawal speed, 
  • the presence of problems with the withdrawal of money.

Step 7: Customer support. 

The support team must respond within 24 hours – the faster, the better. At this stage, we are testing not only the speed of the response but also how extensive and satisfying the response is. The desire to solve a player’s problems as quickly as possible is a characteristic of an honest online casino that cares about its players.

Step 8: Final score. 

At the end of the due diligence, we analyze the results and set a total Bitcoin casino score, ranging from 0 to 10. 0 can be given to online casinos that play unfair Bitcoin blackjack games and cannot be recommended, and 10 – to honest Bitcoin blackjack casinos that provide the best playing terms.

Crypto & Bitcoin Blackjack Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses 

These bonuses are paid out after the player has completed registration and verified his email. To receive these bonuses, you do not need to make a deposit, but you will not be able to withdraw them immediately – you will need to fulfill certain conditions.

Deposit Bonuses 

But the deposit bonuses are paid only after you have deposited your money into your account for the first time. There are also certain conditions for their withdrawal. Usually, they are paid in a fixed sum and are limited to a certain amount.

Referral Bonuses & Free Bets 

If the player invites his friend to play at the casino, and the friend fulfills all the conditions (for example, registration and the first deposit), then the player will receive a referral bonus. Its type and size depend on each casino. 

Free bets are a method of paying out bonuses, and they can be credited as any bonus. Free bets allow you to place a bet in Bitcoin casino blackjack without spending money from your account.

Regular Bonuses

Regular bonuses are paid to players every week, weekend, or month if players have met all the necessary conditions. Rewards can be delivered as a fixed amount, free bets, interest, etc., and then be used to play blackjack.

Crypto & Bitcoin Blackjack Types

Crypto blackjack, like other popular BTC blackjack games, has types. Most often, the outcome and general rules of the game are the same for any kind, but the course of the game and some features may differ. We will now look at the three types of Bitcoin casino blackjack and their differences.

American Blackjack

American blackjack is the most straightforward and most understandable, and it is with it that beginners are recommended to start. The main feature of American blackjack with Bitcoin is that the dealer is initially given two cards – open and closed. If the face-up card gives 10 points, then the face-down card is immediately checked for BTC blackjack. If the second card is an ace, all players lose – even those with 21 points on the cards.

European Blackjack 

First, the rules in European blackjack are much more severe than in American. In this type of BTC blackjack, the dealer receives only one face-up card. The players accept two cards and decide until the dealer takes the second card. In the European blackjack version of blackjack with Bitcoin, although the task is the same as in the American one, the risks are higher.

Spanish Blackjack

First, in Spanish blackjack, dozens of all kinds are missing from decks. When the players have made their bets, the dealer gives two cards to the players, and two to himself, while one of the dealer’s cards remains open. As in American blackjack, if the first card gives the dealer 10 points, the second card is checked for crypto blackjack. If the second card is an ace, then absolutely all players lose. If one of the players has a Bitcoin casino blackjack in this round, he is paid his profit because there is no draw in Spanish blackjack with Bitcoin.

Crypto casinos offer a good selection of Bitcoin blackjack games. But, it’s never too late to check other games. If you like card games, you can also check Bitcoin poker sites. There is a cool option for players that love adrenaline – Bitcoin roulette. And, finally, if you prefer to try the “old-fashioned” games, pay attention to Bitcoin slot games or Bitcoin dice.

Crypto & Bitcoin Blackjack Strategies

During the existence of Bitcoin blackjack gambling, players invented rules that must be followed in a given situation to play blackjack – let’s call them an online Bitcoin blackjack script. But, before getting to know them, let’s learn the terms that we need to understand the general strategy of the game:

  • Hit – a player’s request to receive one more card;
  • Stand – a player’s refusal from the next distribution;
  • Double – a player doubles the initial bet;
  • Hand – player’s two first cards;
  • Split – splitting one card to two but with the same par;
  • Soft Hand – a player has an ace which equals 1 or 11;
  • Hard Ace – the ace quals 1;
  • Hard Hand – there is a hard ace or no ace in the player’s first two cards;
  • Late Surrender – the player refuses to continue after the dealer checks his card. 

There is a set of strategies of BTC blackjack that will help you decide when to draw additional cards and when to discard them. There are several types of situations:

  1. If you have 17 or more points on the hard hand, then it is better to refuse the distribution of the cards. 
  2. If you have 11 or fewer scores, you should request more cards.
  3. If you have a soft hand with 17 or fewer scores, you should order an additional card. 

Also, do not forget about the possibility of finishing the Bitcoin gambling blackjack after the dealer has checked the first card. If you see that the situation is losing for you, it is better to refuse to play the game – this will return you 50% of the initial bet. 

Crypto & Bitcoin Blackjack Regulations

Currently, four licenses can be seen at the casinos: Curacao, Costa Rica, Malta, and Montenegro. We recommend that you pay attention to casinos with a license issued in Curacao or Montenegro, as these licenses have the most significant protection for the player against unlicensed online casino activities. You can read more about the types of permits and their differences in Bitcoin betting sites article.

Mobile Crypto & Bitcoin Blackjack Apps

BTC blackjack, like most played games, is a game that you can play on your mobile phone. This option gives you many advantages and comfort: 

  • you choose where you play, 
  • you can play at any time, 
  • if you use your laptop only for playing in a casino, you do not have to take it with you – your phone is always there, 
  • mobile applications often give more handy features than desktop versions.

Bitcoin Blackjack iOS & Android App

To install the mobile Bitcoin casino app on your phone, follow these steps: 

  • find your live casino in Google Play or AppStore (it is best to go from the official website using the link to the application);
  • download the application, complete the installation;
  • enter the app using your login details from the desktop version.

Crypto & Bitcoin Blackjack Websites – Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals are fundamental processes; therefore, it is imperative to conduct them correctly. Money transfers in cryptocurrency are fast but risky if you don’t know how to make them ideally; if you send cryptocurrency to the wrong address, you will never be able to return it. Don’t worry – we will help you and show you the steps for deposit BTC and withdrawal.

Making a Bitcoin Blackjack Deposit

To deposit the money to your Bitcoin casino blackjack account, carefully follow the following steps:

  1. Open or create a wallet from which you are going to send crypto.
  2. Choose the coin you are going to use for depositing. 
  3. Copy the address of this crypto from the casino menu. 
  4. Insert the address into your wallet and set the amount of money you wish to deposit. 
  5. Press the final button, check all the inserted details, and finish the process. 

Making a Bitcoin Blackjack Instant Withdrawal

As soon as you are ready to withdraw your profits, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the coin you want to withdraw your funds in.
  2. Open the wallet and get the coin’s address. 
  3. Insert this address to the casino menu and state the amount of withdrawal. 
  4. Check all the withdrawal data and then press the button “Withdraw.”

Crypto & Bitcoin Blackjack Sites – FAQ

♠ ₿ ♠ What is Bitcoin blackjack?

Bitcoin blackjack is one of the most famous, most accessible, and fastest casino games worldwide. The task of players in all the blackjack types is to win the dealer by gathering less than 21 scores from the cards. 

♠ ₿ ♠ What are provably fair Bitcoin blackjack websites?

Our platform evaluates all the Bitcoin blackjack websites and gives them a provably fair score – the higher the score, the better the blackjack casino is.

♠ ₿ ♠ Are the best Bitcoin blackjack platforms licensed?

Not all Bitcoin blackjack sites are licensed – you should always check if they are. We recommend playing only verified platforms with valid Curacao or Montenegro licenses. 

♠ ₿ ♠ Is Bitcoin blackjack fair?

Yes, online Bitcoin blackjack is a popular and fair game if you use a trusted casino. Also, it is crucial to know the rules and strategies to follow.