Best Bitcoin Live Casino Sites in 2022

We often talk about the best crypto casinos – bonuses, card games, betting, licenses, and so on. Some time ago, readers began to get interested in live Bitcoin casinos, and we decided to write a full-fledged guide on this topic. So, today we will talk about the following issues:

  1. Bitcoin Live Casino Sites Review
  2. The Most Popular Bitcoin Casino Live Bonuses
  3. Bitcoin Casino Live Vs. Best Crypto Casino Online
  4. Bitcoin Casino Live Dealers Games & Sports
  5. Bitcoin Live Casino Regulations
  6. Bitcoin Live Casino iOS & Android Apps
  7. Bitcoin Live Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Take your cup of tea or coffee, and let’s start.

Bitcoin live casino

TOP Bitcoin Live Casino Sites in 2022

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Up to 20% cashback every single day

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up to 180% and 1 BTC

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200% on cryptodeposit up to 100$

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500 euro Welcome Bonus

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275% up to 5 BTC + 50 Free Spins

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100% bonus upto $500 + 100 FS on first five deposits

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100% up to 500 €/$ + 200 FS Поддержка программы чтения с экрана включена.

5 / 5
200% up to 50 euro

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100% up to 500 euro + 200 Free Spins

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up to 700 eur + 50 Free Spins

Bitcoin Live Casino Sites Review

Bitcoin live casino sites are different from usual crypto Bitcoin casinos, but they require the same gambling due diligence we conclude for regular casinos. As soon as we have the list of Bitcoin live dealers to review, we evaluate the live casino’s visuals. If the Bitcoin casino live dealers website has no visible red flags, we start the due diligence. 

🖥 Registration

We sign up for the Bitcoin live casino. We check if the crypto casino login process is straightforward for players in this step. We evaluate the speed of signing up, the number of data required to finish the process, etc. The easier the crypto casino login is, the more convenient the live dealer Bitcoin casino is for players. 

💸 Deposit

Here, we check how gambling depositing works for major cryptocurrencies. We send deposits from different wallets in different coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. This helps us to be sure every transfer works smoothly. Also, we gather data about the speed of transactions and fees.

🤑 Bonuses

After the registration and deposits are complete, we can receive the first two bonuses – a welcome bonus for the crypto casino login and a first deposit bonus. At this stage, we evaluate the size of rewards and the wagering requirements of the Bitcoin live casino for players. 

⚙️ Interface and Navigation

The live dealer Bitcoin casino dashboard should be convenient to use. When we have access to it, we check the navigation and interface. The players need to quickly find all the information about deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and other offers. Also, we pay attention to the design – the Bitcoin casino live dealers site should be user-friendly.

🏅 Games & Sports

With Bitcoin live casinos games, it is essential to review gambling activities available for live bets. According to our experience, most Bitcoin live casinos offer live sports and esports. Anyways, we check every offer to complete the full list and ensure the card games and bets are provably fair. 

💸 Withdrawal

After we try games and sports on the Bitcoin live casino, get our bonuses, we are ready to check withdrawals. You remember we check the deposits from different wallets – the same we do while withdrawing. Of course, we review fees and the speed, but the initial goal is to confirm the players will not face any difficulties while getting their winnings. 

📞 Customer Support

Clients’ support is crucial for players because they turn to it as soon as any gambling issue arrives. Our team checks the speed and quality of the support answers. We ask for all the information about the Bitcoin casino live dealers, including legal, selection of games, and measure the level of the response. 

🏆 Final Score

We set the final score by analyzing the results of the reviews mentioned above. Reputable and licensed casinos with great games may receive a maximum of 10 scores, and the lousy Bitcoin live casinos can receive even 0. In general, we rank Bitcoin live casinos from zero to ten. 

Live casino bonuses are not notably different from the bonuses in regular cryptocurrency casinos; however, they are worthy of great attention. Very often, players choose Bitcoin live casino games precisely because of the bonuses. Therefore, we will briefly describe which of the bonuses you are likely to see in most live casinos.

No Deposit Bonuses

Non-deposit bonuses include, in fact, all bonuses that are not paid for gambling deposits. Here we will talk specifically about the reward that players receive after registration. Live casinos pay bonuses to welcomers in a fixed sum of money or free spins/bets for gambling. In addition, each platform has its requirements for withdrawing this Bitcoin live casino no deposit bonus – check them in advance.

First Deposit Bonuses

The first deposit bonus is paid out when the deposit money is credited to the casino account. Deposit bonuses are considered the biggest – you can even get 100% of your deposit or more. As with the welcome gambling bonus, the withdrawal of the gambling deposit bonus will only take place when the player fulfills the live dealer Bitcoin casino’s requirements.

Regular Bonuses

Regular bonuses are rewards that players receive weekly, every weekend, or monthly. Of course, you can’t get them just like that – it’s not enough to sit and wait until the bonus comes to your account. Receiving regular bonuses depends on your gambling activity, the number of winning bets, and so on. Players acquire free spins or free bets, money to their account, or cashback for high activity and high-quality card games.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are also typical because they help live casinos attract new players. All a player needs to do is send a gambling referral link or code to their friend. As soon as a friend registers and makes the first deposit, the player receives a bonus – it can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of the friend’s deposit.

Bitcoin Casino Live Vs. Best Crypto Casino Online

Bitcoin Live Casino

Crypto Casino Online

You don’t pay high fees when you pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or other cryptocurrencies. For example, when depositing or withdrawing with a debit or credit card, you’ll pay fees that depend on the sum you send. With crypto, all the costs are fixed, and they are usually not higher than $1-$2. 

✅ Low Fees

✅ Low Fees

Ma players enjoy making bets during live games or matches. It helps them combine online bets in games with the incredible atmosphere of traditional casinos and sports matches. Live Bitcoin casinos also have many advantages while making bets. For example, it is easier to win the bet when you place it in the middle of the game because you can feel the mood, see the players and predict the gambling outcome.

✅ Live Games and Sports

⛔️ Live Games and Sports

Cryptocurrency transactions are the best match for people who value their time. With bank cards or transfers, you’ll wait for a couple of days till the money comes, and with cryptos – around 5 minutes. No matter the time and location, you’ll get your crypto in no time.

✅ Quick Transactions

✅ Quick Transactions

We’ve already talked about gambling bonuses, and you can imagine how beneficial they are. The best thing is finding a legit Bitcoin casino live with massive bonuses with easy wagering requirements. 

✅ Cool Bonuses

✅ Cool Bonuses

Bitcoin Casino Live Dealers Games & Sports

If you go to a regular Bitcoin casino site and a live Bitcoin casino, you may be confused – all games and sports will be the same. However, there is a considerable difference between them – in a live dealer Bitcoin casino, you bet on events that are happening right now, which adds tremendous emotions. You can meet Bitcoin dice or Bitcoin slots, and hundreds of other games. Let’s look at what games you will most often find in live casinos.

Live Poker 

Betting on a live poker game is very different from betting on regular poker. If you don’t know how to play standard online poker, you can read the Bitcoin poker guide. Live poker games take place in tournaments where you bet on a specific player. On the one hand, this is adrenaline; on the other hand, not all people can place a bet where the gambling result does not depend on them in any way.

Live Roulette

But live roulette is a real find. The process of this live game is the same as in online Bitcoin roulette. You place a game bet, the dealer accepts it and puts real chips on the table. The whole point of live roulette is that you do the same actions, but the process happens and is not a program. This is an outstanding experience for those players who appreciate the atmosphere of traditional casinos but for some reason cannot visit them.

Live Blackjack 

Live blackjack, like live roulette games, has the same rules as online Bitcoin blackjack. You just need to choose a dealer and place a bet; the dealer will give you real chips. Next, the goal of your game is to beat the dealer and collect a combination of cards that is equivalent to 21 or less. Bitcoin live casino blackjack is a game that has rules and strategies that you need to know if you want to win. You can read more about the gambling practices and techniques in the article about Bitcoin blackjack.

Live Betting 

Live betting is what most players go to live Bitcoin casinos for. In live betting, you place bets on the matches taking place right now. As we have already said, live betting has a considerable advantage – bets that can be placed during the game. You have the opportunity to analyze the game, which players are on the field, and make a bet against the background of the analysis. You can read about other types of bets and betting rules in the article about Bitcoin betting.

Bitcoin Live Casino Regulations

Live bets and massive bonuses are great, but you should never forget that gambling licenses are essential. Bitcoin live casinos are regulated by the same authorities who regulate traditional casinos. In short, we recommend you to work with live casinos that are licensed by Curacao, Montenegro, or the UK. 

Though we don’t advise playing at unlicensed Bitcoin live casinos, it’s your choice. Remember that you can only rely on customer support in case of any gambling issues. No legal authority can help you further if they don’t resolve it. 

You can read more details about Bitcoin live casino regulations and authorities in Bitcoin betting guide. 

Bitcoin Live Casino iOS & Android Apps

If you have already tried to choose the best Bitcoin live casino on your own, you have noticed that not all of them offer applications with which you can bet. And in vain – for some players, the Bitcoin casino app would be even more helpful than the desktop versions. 

If you like to bet on card games, the live dealer Bitcoin casino desktop version is a good gambling solution. But if you are doing live sports betting, the application provides maximum convenience. Imagine – your favorite team is playing, you went to another city to the stadium and want to place a bet. It is unlikely that it will be convenient to carry a laptop with you to the stadium.

Steps to follow to download iOS & Android live Bitcoin casino live app:

  1. Find the app in the Google Play/App Store or take the link from the Bitcoin live casino. 
  2. Download the app, sign in using the data for desktop version access. 
  3. Enjoy the convenient way to make live bets. 

Bitcoin Live Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

A Bitcoin live casino can be bright, offer many gambling opportunities, give big bonuses, but none of this is vital if there can be problems with deposits and withdrawals. If you choose a casino game from our list of top ones, you already know that we have checked everything, and you will not have any problems with transactions. 

But we decided to simplify your process even more and tell you about the process of depositing and withdrawing funds from the Bitcoin live casino.

Making a Bitcoin Live Casino Deposit

First things first, you need to create a crypto wallet or an account on the crypto exchange. As soon as you have it ready and manage to deposit money, you can make your first withdrawal.

  1. Choose the crypto coin for your deposit.
  2. Copy the coin address from the Bitcoin live casino site.
  3. Insert the address to your wallet or exchange.
  4. Set the desired sum to deposit.
  5. Send the money. 

Making a Bitcoin Live Casino Withdrawal

For this step, you’ll also need a wallet or exchange. You should already have it to finish the withdrawal process in a flash. 

  1. Choose the crypto coin for your withdrawal.
  2. Copy the coin address from your crypto wallet.
  3. Insert the address to the Bitcoin live casino site.
  4. Set the desired amount of withdrawal.
  5. Send the money. 

Best Bitcoin Live Casino Sites – FAQ

₿ ➤➤ What Bitcoin casinos offer live games and betting?

If you are looking for live games and bets, you should check our list of the best Bitcoin live casinos. There, you will find plenty of games and betting opportunities. 

₿ ➤➤ What other coins are accepted by Bitcoin casino live dealers?

We review payment opportunities of each Bitcoin live casino. Usually, live dealers accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron, and Monero. 

₿ ➤➤ Are there anonymous games at Bitcoin live casinos?

You should check if a Bitcoin live casino offers anonymous registration when looking for anonymous gambling. If it does, then you’ll be able to make anonymous bets. 

₿ ➤➤ Are Bitcoin casino live games provably fair?

When the Bitcoin casino live gets the license, it means the games were checked, and they are provably fair – the owners of a live dealer Bitcoin casino, other players don’t know the game’s result until it is finished. 

₿ ➤➤ What fees are charged by Bitcoin casinos live dealer?

There are no fees for placing bets. But, you’ll need to pay some commissions while depositing and withdrawing. Usually, these fees are no bigger than 2 USD.

₿ ➤➤ What is a Bitcoin live casino no deposit bonus?

A Bitcoin live casino no deposit bonus is a reward for actions that are not about making a deposit. For example, a welcome bonus is considered a no deposit bonus.