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Best Ripple Casinos – XRP Online Casinos & XRP Betting Sites

Ripple has emerged as one of the most successful altcoins in the cryptocurrency industry. Founded in 2012, this altcoin has become famous for its secure, rapid, and cost-effective financial transactions. The popularity of Ripple has also brought Ripple casinos in demand.

Looking at how much people love Ripple casinos, we will provide you with the ultimate guide on XRP betting and casinos. Based on our extensive research, you will find the best Ripple online casino ranked. We will judge every aspect of these casinos, compare them, review their latest services and help you decide which one suits you the best.

The Best Ripple Casinos in 2022

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up to 180% and 1 BTC

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200% on cryptodeposit up to 100$

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500 euro Welcome Bonus

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275% up to 5 BTC + 50 Free Spins

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100% bonus upto $500 + 100 FS on first five deposits

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100% up to 500 €/$ + 200 FS Поддержка программы чтения с экрана включена.

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200% up to 50 euro

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100% up to 500 euro + 200 Free Spins

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up to 700 eur + 50 Free Spins

Best Ripple Online Casinos: How We Rank

Before diving into the features and services of the casinos, we like to look at the entire image of the casino. That means we analyze the casino’s history, brand name, and overall reputation. This helps us choose nothing but the best Ripple online casinos that deserve our list. 

1️⃣ Registration: Is Starting Easy?

Convenient registration is the priority for any new user. The first time I signed up for a crypto casino platform, I was reluctant to enter too much information about myself.

However, the casino site only took my email and asked me to set a password. That was it; I was registered on the platform.

Hence, a casino site needs to keep registration and sign-ups simple. Therefore, we pay special attention to the registration process while ranking Ripple Casino platforms.

2️⃣ Making Deposits in Ripple Casinos

We found that making deposits in Ripple casinos, as in Ethereum casinos, is more accessible than we think. Since they deal in cryptocurrencies, we don’t need any credit card or bank account details. You can hop to the wallet section in your account after signing up. Then, click on the deposit option available.

After selecting the Ripple deposit method, you need to enter the amount you want to deposit. Finally, you will get a wallet address provided by a casino or a QR code that you need to scan to find the wallet address. This is the address you need to send your Ripple, and once you have approved the transaction, you are done.

3️⃣ Receiving Bonuses on Ripple Casinos

Ripple casinos are known for providing huge bonuses, especially to new users. While ranking the casinos, we keep this in account and prioritize casinos giving higher bonuses. Most casinos will provide you with a 100% sign-up bonus.

That means you can deposit $1 million and get $1 million as a bonus. I was just kidding. The casinos have set a maximum limit of bonuses that they can offer. This limit varies from $30 to $2000 or more, depending on the casino.

4️⃣ Inspecting Navigation and Interface

User experience and the interface is our topmost priority. A platform with bad UX/UI is useless, no matter how many attractive features it has. Hence, we strictly check how easy it is to browse the platform, interact with the games, and find essential options. We also look for glitches and errors on the platform and then judge the online casino platforms.

5️⃣ Playing the Ripple Casino Games

You can’t pass judgment on an online casino until and unless you have explored its game library and played them. Therefore, we believe in playing the games ourselves, understanding the algorithm behind the games, and looking at the game variety you will get at the casino. There is no reason to rank a casino in our list if the game choices are limited or boring.

6️⃣ Checking Withdrawal System in Ripple Casinos

There is no point winning in an online casino if you cannot withdraw your winning amount. Hence, the withdrawal process should be smooth and quick. Therefore, we check the withdrawal process using multiple accounts on these Ripple casino platforms.

7️⃣ Testing The Customer Support

Poor customer support can negate all the benefits of a Ripple Bitcoin casino. Hence, we test the customer support and ask how the support system handles it. This includes: Testing the behavior of the customer care agent, their response time, ability to solve the issue, and so on.

8️⃣ Calculating The Final Score

To simplify things, we have set a scale of 0-10 to give a rating to the casinos we analyze before evaluating and making the rankings. On this scale, 0 means it’s a terrible casino, and ten means that the particular casino is the best choice. This type of scale helps you understand and interpret our analysis. Then you can make a quick judgment based on the scores of these casinos.

What Are The Advantages of Ripple (XRP) Casinos

Now let’s look at the benefits you will be enjoying from using Ripple casinos:

Low Fees Rates

If you are tired of paying high percentages of fees every time you make a transaction, you can relax. At XRP casinos, the transaction fees are almost negligible. Even when you transfer large amounts of Ripple, the transaction fees will be low enough not to bother you.

Quick Transactions

Ripple is known for its fast transaction speeds in the cryptocurrency industry. The Ripple team is about to release a new update known as the Cobalt update, which promises to decrease transaction time to as low as 1 sec.

Not Controlled by Government

The best thing about cryptocurrencies like XRP is that no one controls them. That means gamblers can maintain complete confidentiality. The government will impose no unwanted taxes on deposits, withdrawals or transactions.

Privacy Remains Intact

Considering that you don’t have to provide any information about yourself, your data is secured. Thanks to the online gambling blockchain technology, no one can track it back to you. The same goes for Dogecoin casinos.

Ripple (XRP) Casino Sites Bonuses

XRP casinos offer a variety of bonuses on their platforms. This is beneficial for new users and regular players upon winning games.

Bonuses XRP Casinos - Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses For New Users

As mentioned before, when you sign up as a new user, you get a welcome bonus upon depositing money into your account. This bonus is often 100% of your deposit amount. However, an upper limit is kept.

Bonuses XRP Casinos - Cashback

Cashback Bonuses Upon Deposit

When you hold money in your wallet, XRP casino platforms offer cashback bonuses. This bonus is mostly kept at 10% and is given every day or week if you meet their cashback conditions.

Bonuses XRP Casinos - Free Spins

Free Spin Bonuses For Regular Players

Many XRP online casinos, so as Tether casinos, offer free spins every month or week if you regularly play games on their platforms. These free spin bonuses come with exciting prizes such as free tokens and rewards.

Bonuses XRP Casinos - Referral Bonuses

Referral Bonuses For Referring To a Friend  

Every Ripple Bitcoin casino platform will provide you with a referral code to share with your friends. When your friend signs up using that referral code, you are given a reward. The referral system is an excellent way to earn some free bucks by sharing it along with word of mouth.

Best Ripple (XRP) Online Casino Games

Ripple casinos offer different types of games. To give you an idea, let’s see the main games we observed and analyzed on these platforms.

Poker Games

Poker is a popular card game where players need to collect a particular combination of cards. Based on the combination of four to five cards, they can either win or lose. There are various poker games on Ripple casinos, such as 2-7 Triple Draw, Seven Card, etc. You can enjoy different types of poker at Monero casinos as well.

XRP Games - Poker Games

Dice Games

Dice games typically involve dice where you bet on the number displayed on the dice after playing your turn. There are many dice games such as Sic Bo, Live Dice, Scratch Dice, etc. Professionals also use many strategies to play dice games like Paroli strategy, Martingale strategy, D’Alembert strategy, etc.

XRP Games - Dice Games


Blackjack is another card game, highly popular in casinos. At an XRP online casino, you will find many types of blackjack games like American Blackjack, European Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, and so on. Many strategies are available for playing this game, like Hit, Stand, Double, Hand, etc.

XRP Games - Blackjack Games


Roulette is a classical casino game and is heavily played on Ripple casinos. In this game, a ball moves, and the player bets if the ball will fall on an odd number, even number, black or red color, and so on. There are many game varieties, such as American Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette, etc. The strategies in roulette are similar to that of dice games, and you can play this game in every casino, including Bitcoin Cash casinos.

XRP Games - Roulette Games

Ripple (XRP) Casino Licenses

If you are researching Ripple casinos, an important aspect will be to check the casino’s license. An unlicensed casino can be a storehouse of frauds and scams and hence is not worth signing up for. Therefore, we prioritize casino licenses while ranking casinos.

The most popular licenses in the market include Curacao, Montenegro, and UK licenses. Curacao is a legit license that users trust. It’s really simple to obtain a permit with a two-year validity. Montenegro is another premium license that is quite expensive. The high price tag attracts users to use casinos with a license from Montenegro. 

Most casinos, including Dash casinos, use UK licenses under UK jurisdiction. Casinos with this license are verified by the UK Law & Trust department, which inspects every company detail before approving them.

Mobile Ripple (XRP) Casino Apps

Let’s now look at some of the XRP casinos that offer you the flexibility to use a mobile application to access their online casinos.

Ripple Casino Android App

Many of the Ripple Bitcoin casinos that we have analyzed provide a mobile application for Android users. You can find it easily on the Google Play Store. However, I recommend you visit the casino’s official site and get the application download link from there to ensure you have reached the right app.

Ripple Casino iOS App 

You can download the Ripple casino apps from the App Store if you are an Apple user. You can enjoy quick notifications and the comfort of using the entire casino platform on your iPhone.

How to Deposit and Withdraw on Ripple (XRP) Casinos

You must pay attention when it comes to depositing or withdrawing with the casino coin XRP. A simple wrong move can make your funds vanish if sent to the incorrect address.

Making a Ripple Casino Deposit

The steps for making a deposit with XRP casino or Cardano casino are relatively simple if you follow the instructions cautiously.

  1. Login to the Ripple casino platform 
  1. Click on the wallet option in your account section.
  1. Choose Ripple as the cryptocurrency.
  1. Choose the wallet type and enter the number of Ripples to be deposited.
  1. Then you have to send money to the specified wallet address from your wallet.

Don’t forget to add coupons to claim deposit bonuses if available for your account. 

Making a Ripple Casino Instant Withdrawal

If you are a regular gambler, you know it sucks when a crypto casino platform doesn’t allow you to withdraw your winning amounts instantly. Hence, we only choose casinos that have proven to provide instant withdrawals. Here are the steps to do the same:

  1. Go to the wallet section in your account on the casino website or app.
  1. Select the option to withdraw
  1. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  1. If you have already specified your withdrawal address, the withdrawal should be processed instantly.

However, your withdrawal may get obstructed if you have an ongoing bet. Also, you cannot withdraw the bonuses you get from the casino platform unless certain conditions are met.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ripple Casinos

❕🎰➤ What is the best Ripple online casino?

The title of the best Ripple Online Casino will go to the platform, which promises good service in every aspect. Whether it is about an authentic license or good variety of games, or speed of transaction, the best casino will be good at all of them. Check out the list of the best Ripple online casinos in the first section of this article to find the best one.

❕🎰➤ Is it safe to gamble with Ripple casinos?

It is always safe to gamble at Ripple casinos provided that you have done your research, checked the license reviews of the casino, and are using a secure network to play the games.

❕🎰➤ What are the fees for Ripple casinos deposits and withdrawals?

The fees for depositing and withdrawing at Ripple casinos are minimal. This is one of the highlights of using Ripple for gambling. As mentioned before, Ripple transactions are very cheap, and even when you transact high amounts of Ripples, the transaction fees will not bother you.

❕🎰➤ Is it legal to play Ripple casino games?

It is usually legal to play games at Ripple casinos. However, you should check the laws related to online casino gambling in your country or any restrictions imposed. In most countries, it is legal to use casino platforms that are licensed and trusted by users.

❕🎰➤ Are all cryptocurrency casinos accepting Ripple?

Most crypto casino platforms accept Ripple since Ripple is one of the top-ranking cryptocurrencies. It ranks 5th by market cap and is widely used by banks and other organizations. Ripple’s benefits like low volatility, fast transactions, and low transaction fees attract users to use Ripple on casino platforms.