Our Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is created for our users. We strive to make a secure and safe experience for all our visitors. cryptocasinos360.com The Privacy Policy ensures our users are safe from any data breaches and malicious actors.

You provide us only cookies and no other personal info. The cookies are the files generated automatically by your browser when you visit our Website. They don’t give any sensitive information regarding you or your activities outside our Website. For example, they don’t identify your personality.

How we use cookies

We at the cryptocasinos360.com use the cookies to understand how the visitors use and interact with our Website. In addition, these files help us to find where we should improve our services and the Site. This way, you get the best experience on our platform.

Privacy concerns

If you provide cookies, it doesn’t mean you share personal info. Thanks to cookies, our Website remembers your browser: mobile or PC, visit duration, what links and pages are interesting for you. We use that data for making your experience better.

Links at our Website

We don’t collect personal and sensible info, but we can’t guarantee that if you go from our Website to another. We never share your data with third parties, but they may do so.

If you click a link at cryptocasinos360.com, you can go to another site, and we have no control over their content and privacy policy. Furthermore, we have no responsibility for these sites linked to our Website. So, please, do your research about any links you may click.

Our Privacy Policy is valid for our site cryptocasinos360.com.

SSL certificate

We at cryptocasinos360.com use SSL certificates for ensuring all traffic is thoroughly encrypted. It means no one accesses the cookies provided by our clients. Such certificates are used for preventing data theft. For example, it’s implemented in banking and online payments solutions. We also use it to enhance your safety.


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