Best Crypto Betting Sites & Bitcoin Betting Sites (2022)

Remember the moment from the hit Korean TV series The Squid Game, where the protagonist puts all his money on a horse and ends up losing? He wasted his time, got nervous. And most of all, he was hindered by plenty of noises, which prevented him from sensibly analyzing the situation and guessing a winner in horse racing.

Crypto and Bitcoin Betting Sites

It would seem, why did we start with such statements?

In the modern world, Bitcoin betting sites, at least, do not waste your time – you can bet online with Bitcoin from home, being in a comfortable place, which will give you excellent chances to analyze calmly. And, from our side, we will provide you with information that will help you find a legal and popular Bitcoin sports betting site.

Top Crypto and Bitcoin Betting Sites

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Advantages of Crypto & Bitcoin Betting

Unlike conventional online betting platforms, crypto betting gives you a lot of advantages.

Imagine a situation: you have found a good casino, registered, and have already got the idea to make a couple of bets … and the casino accepts only bank cards as payment. As a result, you wait up to 3 working days for your deposit, or even more, you will not get any bonuses for this payment method.

Do you need this? We don’t think so. 

That is why Bitcoin betting platforms are your best match. 

Worldwide Availability

It doesn’t matter what country you are in – you can always make a deposit or withdrawal with cryptocurrency. Moreover, the fees and the speed of the transaction are the same for everyone and do not depend on your location.

Advanced Bonuses 

A little higher, we have already hinted to you that not all payment methods have bonuses. The cryptocurrency here, again, stood out. Many public and anonymous Bitcoin sports betting platforms give you various tempting bonuses if you make deposits in cryptocurrency.

Financial Anonymity

If you withdraw money to a card, be prepared for your bank to know about it. The more the amount, the more attention they attract – it is logical. If you withdraw money to a crypto wallet, no one will know about it – neither about the source of the funds nor its recipient. This is the kind of modern financial privacy that many aspire to.

The Lowest Fees

One of the main advantages of cryptocurrency transactions is that the commission does not depend on the amount you withdraw or deposit. Moreover, these fees are minimal. For example, fees for a deposit or withdrawal in USDT TRC20 will cost you $1, and again, regardless of the transaction amount.

Quick Transactions

The speed of cryptocurrency transactions is another significant advantage. Most transactions are processed in 1-5 minutes, some of them may be processed a little longer due to network load, but this is quite rare.

Crypto & Bitcoin Betting Sites Due Diligence

On the Internet, you can now find a bunch of different crypto betting platforms, advertisements about them, but just having beautiful words and promises is not enough to assess the quality and legitimacy of the website. 

Our team has developed a particular plan for evaluating betting platforms, and below, we will tell you about the main points of this plan.

  1. Anonymous registration to a reviewed betting platform.

Not all platforms even reach this point. Initially, we look at the site and check for licenses and the creator’s reputation. If the platform is suitable for further verification according to these criteria, then we begin the registration process. At this stage, we check how fast this process is, what personal data is needed for registration, etc.

  1. Funds depositing.

This stage allows us to check which cryptocurrency can be used to deposit. Our team has several wallets with significant cryptocurrencies, making it possible to check the speed of transactions, the amount of commissions, etc.

  1. Bonus claiming.

As we said, many Bitcoin sports betting platforms offer a cryptocurrency deposit bonus. That is why we deposit Bitcoin or other offered cryptocurrencies to evaluate the rewards. If there is such a bonus, we check in what form it is issued. The platform often gives you a limited percentage of the deposit, but its cash equivalent is limited.

  1. Interface Evaluation.

It is essential to have a convenient dashboard for a good experience and enjoyment of the bets. We evaluate the site interface at this stage – how quickly the pages are loaded, how conveniently the navigation menu is located – the easier it is to find the menu of deposits, withdrawals, bonus review, and the calmer the user will feel.

  1. Actual betting.

This has always been the case – the more enormous and better the assortment, the more popular the service is. Public and anonymous Bitcoin sports betting platforms are no exception. At this stage, we start placing bets to check which sports activities are available on the platform.

  1. Withdrawals evaluation.

At the last stage, we made bets, and now is the time to check how easy it will be to withdraw your winnings. As in the assessment of deposits, we review the availability of commissions, restrictions on the amount of withdrawal, the speed of the transaction, etc.

Sometimes, the betting platform seems fair, but in withdrawing money, several problems begin since this is the whole point of the site – to let a person deposit money, make a profit, and then take his money.

  1. Customer support and reputation investigation.

Even if the Bitcoin sports betting platform is convenient, honest, full of different features and guides, users may still have questions or issues. And it is the support service responsible for the positive experience of its players. 

We evaluate the following points: 

  • the speed of the support service replies;
  • the informativeness of these answers; 
  • how seriously they take the issue.
  1. Bitcoin betting platform ranking.

At the end of the platform verification process, we give it a total score from 0 to 10. Zero means that this betting platform cannot be used at all, and ten means that the platform is legal, honest, user-friendly, and we recommend it.

Crypto & Bitcoin Betting Bonuses

The fact that by registering, making a deposit, or inviting a friend to a betting platform, people receive bonuses increases the popularity of crypto betting platforms. However, not everyone knows that these are not all the offers available to you. This section will tell you about the most popular bonuses that Bitcoin betting platforms offer.

Wager Bonus

Wager bonuses also have sub-categories. In general, these bonuses are offered for people who have fulfilled certain conditions – completed the registration (Bitcoin betting welcome bonus), made the first deposit, and so on.

An important point – these bonuses cannot be withdrawn at once. The conditions for withdrawing such money are set by each platform separately, but they often mean placing several bets.

Express Bet of the Day

This is an exciting type of Bitcoin betting bonus that is not found in every Bitcoin sports betting platform. The bottom line is that the platform puts forward certain conditions, after which the player receives a prize. In addition, this type of bonus is risky since the player himself takes risks by accepting the conditions.


This bonus has two sides of the coin – the player can get more if he wins, and he can lose more of his bet if he loses. The player combines several bets into one express bet, and the platform gives him certain rewards. The presence of the bonus depends, for example, on the number of express bets.

Free Bets

This Bitcoin betting bonus is also one of the most popular and demanded, and from its name, it is clear what it includes – free Bitcoin bets. You receive a certain amount of “free bet money,” if you win, you receive more money on your account; if you lose, there is no actual loss for you. 

They apply to single bets, express bets, live matches, and pre-matches.

Bet Insurance

Bet insurance is a convenient option for all players. The platform takes a certain amount of money for such an opportunity and sometimes offers it as a bonus. It works very simply: if you are unsure of the result, you can ensure the bet – in whole or in part.

And further, if you lose, your bet amount will be returned to you, again, in whole or in part – depending on the conditions you set.


And now we will talk about the most favorite bonus for anonymous Bitcoin sports betting platforms players – cashback. It is usually awarded for a specific sport, event, or competition. That is, if you lose, a certain percentage of the loss will be returned to your account. 

It soothes a little, doesn’t it?


We usually refer to this bonus as “non-existent” as it is rarely seen. It works as follows: the bookmaker organizes a specific event, attracts people, and makes a particular (and large) amount of money as the main prize. People start to place bets, and the winner (or winners) are then selected with the specification of the criterion set by the bookmaker.

Crypto & Bitcoin Betting Sports

The more betting on sports with Bitcoin options on the platform, the more attention they attract. Today, you have the opportunity to find standard football or basketball and many other things. Let’s see what Bitcoin sports betting platforms can offer you.


Sports the betting sites offer are chosen for a reason. Most often, three factors are taken into account: popularity, simplicity, and the odds of winning.

Thus, most often, Bitcoin betting sites offer you the following sports: 

  • basketball;
  • American football; 
  • cricket;
  • baseball; 
  • rugby; 
  • hockey; 
  • MMA; 
  • volleyball; 
  • golf; 
  • horse racing; 
  • chess;
  • tennis; 
  • table tennis.


Bitcoin eSports betting is, for the most part, online games, and the popularity of such bets is more than you think. This was formed due to the increased attention to this sport in the last few years and because not every crypto betting site offers them.

These games include:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO);
  • DOTA;
  • League of Legends;
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft;
  • Call of Duty.

Virtual Sport

Virtual Sports is the latest innovation in the world of online Bitcoin sports betting. Virtual sports are video games where the software implements competitions, races, and other events. 

There are analogs for most real-life sports: 

  • football; 
  • horse racing;
  • dog racing; 
  • tennis; 
  • basketball, and so on.

Types of Crypto & Bitcoin Bets

In addition to a large number of bonuses, you will have to face a large number of different bets. Of course, you can choose two or three types and use only them, but variety is more fun, isn’t it? Let’s look at the most popular bets that crypto betting platforms offer.

Live Bets

Bitcoin live betting, as the name implies, is made during a sporting event. They are popular among players for some reason: 

  • they add sharp emotions while watching a match, 
  • give you a feeling of involvement in the event, 
  • do not make you wait for the results for a long time – during the game, it becomes clear whether you were right or not.


A handicap is an artificial advantage or gap in goals, points, games, or other statistics, expressed as a numerical value, later added or subtracted to the final result. There are two types of handicap – European and Asian.


Express bets are popular but somewhat risky. The bottom line is that you are combining bets on multiple sporting events. If at least one of these bets fails, then losses are automatically written off for all of them. Accordingly, the only condition for winning an express bet is the correct coefficients in all bets included in it.


Total or individual total bets are bets on the success of a specific player (or a team) in a sporting event. They are trendy because it is sometimes easier to analyze the result. When you set the bet, you always choose only one team from the event or one player of the particular team. 

Win Bets 

Win bets are the kings of Bitcoin sports betting platforms since everything is straightforward in them – you bet on a win or a draw for a specific team or athlete. There is a critical nuance in these bets if you are betting on football or hockey – the results obtained in extra time or overtime are not counted.

Crypto & Bitcoin Betting Regulations

All people associate the word “license” with security. The same is the case in crypto betting – it is always better to choose those licensed platforms. Below, we will consider what licenses mean and how they are beneficial to you as a user, and the most demanded ones.

Crypto & Bitcoin Betting Legitimacy Facts

The government intervenes in crypto betting platforms less than in conventional sites. However, they are still obliged to check the following points: 

  • how safe are the players’ funds on the platform;
  • how honestly the results are calculated; 
  • whether the winnings are paid to clients; 
  • how honestly the Bitcoin betting website conducts its activities.

There are a bunch of licenses that are especially popular among Bitcoin betting websites, such as Curacao, Malta, Costa Rica, and Montenegro.

Let’s check if they are worth the attention.

Bitcoin Betting Licence – Curacao

Curacao is the very first license that platforms choose. The reasons are simple – it’s pretty fast, cheap, and easy to get. According to the latest data, the platform must make a one-time prepayment of 36,000 USD and then pay 6,000 USD monthly within two years. After the expiration of two years, negotiations usually take place, where the platform tries to agree on a price lower than the previous one.

Crypto betting platforms with Curacao licenses do not work with citizens from the following countries:

  • Aruba
  • Bonaire
  • Curaçao
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Saba
  • Statia
  • St. Maarten
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

Bitcoin Betting Licence – Malta

The Maltese license was popular before, but now you rarely see it on Bitcoin sports betting sites due to the unreasonably high price. In general, a one-time payment for obtaining a license is 20,500 EUR. But, every year, prices rise and can approach 800,000 EUR for platforms with a significant turnover. 

Also, the process of obtaining a license takes about six months. And if the Bitcoin sports betting platform wants to get a Curacao license, it will take no more than a month.

In addition, this license has no practical application since it does not protect the players.

Bitcoin Betting Licence – Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s license is exciting. And the thing is that there is no such license. The fact is that in this country, it is enough to rent an office to be able to obtain a “license,” the registration of which costs 9,000 USD. The company is registered and claims to be licensed in Costa Rica by fulfilling these conditions.

All this is nothing more than an action to avoid tax problems. Such platforms will not necessarily deceive you. But keep in mind: if you see that the betting platform has received a license from Costa Rica, you will receive no answer in case of a severe problem.

Bitcoin Betting Licence – Montenegro

Montenegro’s license is one of the most serious and reliable. It is expensive – $390,000, but it can be issued easily and in days. 

Suppose you have a significant problem with the Bitcoin sports betting platform. In that case, you can feel free to contact the regulatory department in Montenegro, where they will investigate your situation and give an answer within a few months.

Mobile Crypto & Bitcoin Betting Apps

Probably you will agree with the statement that we began to spend a lot of time on the phone – it’s more convenient. And we use laptops and computers for work, reading essential documents or watching movies. Therefore, from the side of crypto betting platforms, it is reasonable to have desktop versions and mobile ones.

Bitcoin Sports Betting App

A betting application can give you a lot of advantages:

  • notifications that will help you quickly react to specific events and see the result of the bet immediately; 
  • a comfortable process of monitoring sports events; 
  • quick access to your dashboard, and so on.

Bitcoin Betting App – Android

To download the application of your favorite betting platform on Android, you need to go to Google Play, enter the application’s name, and install it on your phone. Next, you will go through a quick login process, and you will have access to all your information.

Bitcoin Betting App – iOS

It will also not be difficult for those who have an iPhone to install a betting application. Go to the App Store, download the app you need, and enjoy the convenience and many features. By the way, Bitcoin betting mobile apps are often much more convenient to use and have cool add-ons.

Crypto & Bitcoin Betting – Deposits and Withdrawals

Without information on deposits and withdrawals, it is impossible to decide whether the platform is right for you. Below, based on our experience, we will discuss how these processes most often occur.

Making a Bitcoin Betting Deposit

Let’s start with the main thing – to add cryptocurrency to an account in a betting platform, you need the best bitcoin wallet for sports betting. If you already have it (or you just installed and replenished it), then you can safely choose the cryptocurrency you want to pay. 

The platform will show you the address for sending funds, and all you have to do is insert this address to the field in your wallet menu “Withdraw.” It may sound a little complicated, but in reality, it will take you 5 minutes – no more.

Making a Bitcoin Betting Withdrawal

The procedure for withdrawing money is vice versa. You choose the crypto in which you want to withdraw cash, take the address of this crypto from your wallet and insert it into the “Withdraw” section on the platform. And, of course, indicate the withdrawal amount. This process is also speedy.

An important tip: while setting up the crypto wallet, you will receive the seed phrase with 12 or 24 random words. The app will ask you to save this phrase in a safe place, and you should do it. If you, for example, change or lose your phone and will need to restore access, only the seed phrase will help you with this. If you don’t have it, your money will be forever lost. 

Most Popular Cryptos Accepted by Bitcoin Betting Sites

We have already tested many crypto betting platforms, so we can tell you with confidence – most of them accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Now we’ll figure out why.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the father of all altcoins. Not surprisingly, any company accepting cryptocurrency initially deals specifically with Bitcoin. Of course, Bitcoin payments are safe, but there are other reasons. It is very beneficial for people to hold Bitcoin in their wallets because, in 2-3 years, their capital may be more than doubled. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency, although many experts believe that it may even overtake Bitcoin one day in terms of value. Ethereum casino payments are also fast. Commissions are usually relatively low, but during network load, they can increase significantly (but not for long).

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is also a reasonably popular cryptocurrency and is significantly undervalued. Commissions are minimal; the transactions are processed in 2-5 minutes.

All three cryptocurrencies are safe, and transactions are fast and cheap. Which one you choose will already depend on your preferences and the offers of Bitcoin sports betting sites.

Crypto & Bitcoin Betting – Frequently Asked Questions

⚽ ₿ ➤ Is Bitcoin betting legal?

Bitcoin betting platforms are legal when they have a license to perform this activity. When you look for such a platform, pay attention to the licenses. The most legit and safe ones are from Montenegro and Curacao.

⚽ ₿ ➤ How to choose a legit Bitcoin betting site?

Many factors make a Bitcoin betting site legit. To save the time and money you may lose from betting with a scammer, use our platform to find the best Bitcoin sports betting site.

⚽ ₿ ➤ Are Bitcoin betting platforms licensed?

It depends on the platform. Of course, all the legal and fair Bitcoin betting platforms must have a license from a regulative authority. 

⚽ ₿ ➤ What is a Bitcoin betting free bet bonus?

The free bet bonus is one of the most popular offers the Bitcoin betting platform gives players who have performed certain conditions. Free bets apply to single bets, express bets, live matches, and pre-matches. These bets allow you to open a no-risk bet – when the bet wins, you receive money on your account; if it loses – you have no harm.