5 Rare Casino Games You May Not Know About

Winston Todd
Winston Todd

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An online crypto casino with slot machines and other table games is a great place to have fun and make money. However, there are many casino games that you may need to learn. From unusual Caribbean games to classic French casino activities, there are plenty of rare and weird casino games that you may have yet to hear about.

This blog post will discuss five casino games that you may not know about but should! These games are rare and often overlooked, but they can be fun.

So if you’re looking for something new and exciting, check out these five casino games!

Big Wheel

This popular game is usually found in the casino high-limit room and involves spinning a large wheel with 54 markers. The player can bet on which marker will be landed on, and the payout is determined by how difficult it is to land on that marker.

This game is simple and easy to play, but it can be stimulating!

Caribbean Stud Poker

This 5-card poker variant is excellent for those who want to test their luck and skill against the house. The player must beat the dealer’s 5-card hand to win, but remember that they can also choose to fold and forfeit their bet.

This game is a great way to practice your poker skills and have fun in the casino.


Keno is an ancient Chinese lottery game and is a great way to try your luck. Players select up to 20 numbers out of 80 on a keno ticket and can win big prizes depending on their chosen numbers.

Gamblers can win up to 10,000 times their original bet if they hit all 20 numbers.

This game is fun and lucrative, so it’s worth checking out.

Pai Gow Tiles

This fast-paced game is played with unique Chinese tiles. Players must create two separate hands from their tiles and attempt to beat the house with both. This game is great for those who like a bit of strategy.

This fun game has been around for centuries and is still popular in many casinos.

Double Exposure Blackjack

This variation on classic blackjack is a lot of fun for card game enthusiasts. In this game, both dealer cards are dealt face up so players can make informed decisions about their own hands.

This game adds an extra layer of strategy and is a great way to test your luck against the house.

Other Rare Games You Should Try

In addition to these five games, there are other rare and unusual games that you should check out. From dice games like Sic Bo to table games like Baccarat, there are plenty of unique casino activities to explore.

They may not be new casino games, but if you’re feeling adventurous, check out some of these rare casino games.

Casinos are all about having a good time, and these five casino games you may not know.

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Sic Bo

Another fast-paced game, Sic Bo, is played with three dice, and players can make various bets based on the roll’s outcome. Players can bet on the total of all three dice or wager on individual numbers.

This game is great for those who like to take risks, as some big payouts are available!

Rodent Roulette

This game may sound strange, but it is a lot of fun! Players bet on which hole a rat will emerge from, and depending on the rat’s color, they can win hefty payouts.

This game is great for those who like to take a chance and have fun!

Here, the house edge is usually lower than other casino games, so it’s worth checking out.

Gerbil Roulette

This game is similar to rodent roulette, but instead of rats, gerbils are used. The game plays out the same way, but the gerbils are much faster, making it more exciting and unpredictable. The roulette follows the same rules but with a bit of extra excitement!

Casino War

Casino War is an excellent game for those who want to practice their card-counting skills. This classic game involves two players being dealt five cards each, and the highest card wins. If both players have equal cards, it’s a tie, and they must go to war.

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Tips To Find Rare Games At An Online Casino

If you want to find rare games at an online casino, there are a few tips you can follow. First, look for casinos with a wide selection of games. A more extensive selection of games means more chances to find something rare and unusual.

Secondly, look for online reviews of the casino. Reviews can tell you a lot about the quality and variety of games. You can also contact customer service to see if they know of any rare or unusual casino games available.

Finally, browse through the different game categories. Often, rare and unusual games are hidden in less popular categories such as “specialty games” or “other games.” So make sure to take a look there!

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Casino Games You May Not Know About – Summary

These five games are rare and often overlooked, but they can be a great way to spice up your casino experience. These five casino games offer something unique and exciting, from tiles to gerbil roulette.

Be sure to check them out if you’re feeling adventurous! And if you want to find a rare casino game at an online casino that includes curious challenges – like the tic tac toe chicken challenge – remember to look for a wide selection of games, read reviews, and browse through the different game categories.

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Good luck!

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